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The Renamon Fan Club
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Welcome, all in one, to the Renamon Fan Club, a club devoted to the digimon everyone knows and (most of us) loves!
We have member updates frequently, and art updates every weekend.


Next Art update:  Every Friday
Last Member Update: Monday, September 10th, 2007
(August 10th, 2007 HydraPhalanx
-All people who have requested to join have been added.
-If you thought we were inactive, we were. Thank the Military for that bit of nonsense. Hopefully I can stay around longer this time and actually keep this place going. However, I'll need your help, so if you have a submission feel free to send. ^^
-Working on some sort of separate members page to relieve the ungodly amount of loading on the main page.
-Yes, we're back. And hopefully permanently.
-Upcoming Contest, Maybe? Yes.

Old news:…

To join, you must first check that you abide by the rules of the club (pretty basic; just check below.), and then start to devwatch the club.   Then you must send a note with the title 'Join' or something to that affect with 'join' somewhere in there. All request to join from the front page are here forth, as always, ignored.

Rules of the Club
1. You must like Renamon.  But if you've read this far, that shouldn't be a a problem.
2. Don't call each other stupid or any other insult; it's not nice, you know?
3. Got Renamon art?    Unfortunately, due to DA policy, we're not allowed to fav club members' art.  Instead, just note a link of it to us; we'll be sure to put it up!  ...eventually.




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does any1 know if yutakayumi is stil around? was hoping to see if he was stick making renamon plushies :[

any1 knows let me know thanks
err stil not stick man i cant type
I haven't seen her active for awhile... you could always commission someone else though. Just look around...
LeMarck Aug 8, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
this group acept non-english renamon fics?
can i join? renamon is awesome
Can I join in this awsome group too??From the begining since I watched Animax,four animes have captivated me(and one of them was Digimon Tamers).I love Renamon too.But I even have among my drawings Renamon art and hentays too(Still working on it).I forgote to say that i'm pretty good at drawnig too.
Could i join please?. I love renamon too. I even use renamon in digimon world 3 and digimon battle arena :)
Could i join please?. I love renamon too lol i even use renamon on DMW3 (Digimon World 3) Digimon Battle AArena
phantom72748 Apr 20, 2010
Could I join please?
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